Aspartame – The Sickeningly Sweet Killer

Hello, my name is Korin Yashar, EdM, Registered Dietitian. At this point, most of us know that drinking Diet Coke doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss and that one of its key ingredients, aspartame, has some widely-known and dangerous effects. Yet it continues to find its way into our food and beverages - and wreak havoc on us physically and mentally.

So what is aspartame exactly? Aspartame is touted as an artificial sweetener, one that’s about 200 times sweeter than sucrose, or table sugar, but is actually an addictive, carcinogenic excitoneurotoxic genetically engineered drug and adjuvant (a chemical that modifies the effects of other drugs and vaccines).

Perhaps you know it by some of its other aliases:

• NutraSweet• Equal• Amino Sweet• Canderel• E951• Spoonful• Benevia

So What’s The Harm Of Aspartame?

In this case: plenty. Once metabolized aspartame converts to methanol, a narcotic and primary cause for addiction because it impairs the dopamine system and decreases serotonin. Methanol causes blindness, and not just for those addicted to aspartame but in perpetual alcoholic drunkards. Aspartame also converts to formaldehyde, a multipotential carcinogen affecting the brain, lungs, kidneys, and other major vital organs; it deposits in the retina of the eye destroying the optic nerve and causing partial to total optic nerve atrophy, potentially leading to blindness.

In short, aspartame is more than an artificial sweetener – it’s a toxic and addictive poison in our systems. “Aspartame is poison and was actually listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. See NutraPoison on and the Ecologist, 2005, on” (Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum)

It has been directly linked to the following physical maladies:

• Hypoglycemia• Elevated blood sugar• Migraines/headaches• Dizziness• Slurred speech• Memory loss• Vision loss• Eye floaters• Hair changes/loss • Cardiac palpitations• Muscle and joint pain/fibromyalgia• Reproductive problems – male sexual dysfunction and female infertility• Obesity• Mania• Anxiety• Depression• Seizures• Epilepsy• Convulsions• Birth defects• Brain lesions• Brain, lung, kidney cancer• ALS or Lou Gherig’s Disease• Precipitates Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons

For Many Years, FDA Has Received Complaints About Aspartame

They’ve compiled a list of 92 aspartame-related symptoms. After receiving endless cases reported by actual sufferers they began referring them to the AIDS hotline! And this is the governing body that is supposed to protect us from a poisoned food/beverage/vitamin/pharmaceutical/ supply?

While the physical effects of aspartame are widely recognized, it’s important to understand that aspartame has mental implications because it debilitates and destroys the nervous and endocrine systems.

Aspartame’s near-instant effects on the brain can considerably worsen the symptoms of someone suffering from depression or anxiety disorders, or equally initiate them in someone who didn’t suffer from these disorders beforehand.

Some of aspartame’s psychological effects include:

•Severe depression•Irritability•Aggression•Anxiety•Cognitive learning disorders•Personality changes•Insomnia•Phobias

AGAIN let it be noted that the symptoms above apply to people who didn’t previously suffer from depression or anxiety disorders! We can only begin to imagine the effects it has on people with these pre-existing psychiatric conditions.

What's The Solution?

The easy solution! Cut aspartame from your diet 100% of the time! Try to be aspartame-free for 60 days and see what happens to you. Don’t be a human guinea pig. Read the labels so you can identify the thousands of products that contain aspartame, which can include:

• Diet Cola beverages• Diet juices• Cereals• Gelatin desserts• Tabletop sweeteners• Ice cream• Chewing gum• Cocoa mixes• Breath mints• Coffee beverages• Instant coffees and teas• Frozen desserts• Yogurts• Multivitamins – children’s and adults• Pharmaceuticals – children’s and adults

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression, it’s imperative you become an aware consumer. READ LABELS and remember that artificial sweeteners NOT ONLY could be worsening your conditions BUT CAN PRECIPITATE NEW ONES. Splenda & Truvia are UNSAFE alternatives, too.

Safe sweetening alternatives include:

• Raw, Organic Honey• Crude Blackstrap Molasses• Sugar – white & brown• Agave• Stevia• Just Like Sugar (made of chicory and orange peel)• Luo Han Guo

What's The Complete Solution To End Anxiety

First, completely rid your diet of aspartame in all forms. Second, to effectively get your life back in order, learn concrete techniques to control your anxiety. For more information about the program that will teach you anxiety fighting techniques, please read my review of the

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We would like to say a special THANKS to the following contributors:

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