Dealing with Anxiety Disorder in Your Family

Are you dealing with anxiety disorder in Your family? If you are a family member or a friend of someone who has an anxiety disorder, you know how difficult it can be. Like any other mental illness, all those who care for the sufferer can feel the effects. These repercussions can manifest in many ways but one thing is definite: the effects are very real and can have a definite impact on the family unit.

Family coping skills must be put in place or a downward spiral can occur, where family members compensate for the sufferer and become sick themselves.

If you are a family dealing with depression or anxiety, there is hope. There are many useful techniques you can enact quickly and simply that can create a positive change. Please read the following articles:

Strategies For The Family

Coping with anxiety in a loved one is hard. In fact, living with a person who is suffering from an anxiety disorder can be a difficult process, especially if you are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to help you cope.

What To Do If A Loved One Is Experiencing A Panic Attack

No matter how hard we try to avoid a situation that may bring on panic anxiety attacks. Every now and then something will catch us off guard and trigger an anxiety attack. I can relate because I grew up watching my mother suffer with anxiety for years.

How to Tell a Loved One It’s Time to get Help

When someone you love is suffering from an anxiety disorder, it doesn’t just affect the sufferer. Like other psychological disorders, there is a ripple effect. Family members, friends and even co-workers often need help with anxiety as they too can feel the emotional repercussions.

Often, the people living with the sufferer feel the most immediate effects. Because the loved one may feel like they are constantly “walking on eggshells,".


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